About Us

“NOA INSPECT Concessionaire Company” sh.p.k (“Noa Inspect”) was established by the company Noa Control sh.p.k, which owns 100% of the shares of Noa Inspect.

Noa Inspect was established by Noa Control to implement the Concession Contract for the Legal Control Service of measuring instruments, through the verification of fuel and liquefied gas distribution instruments, in accordance with the requirements of the Concession Contract.

About Us

Noa Inspect is committed to: Improving legal control standards by verifying legally controlled measuring instruments. At Noa Inspect we are convinced that the use of managerial principles and practices towards values ​​achieves more efficient and competitive results and therefore ensures sustainable and profitable growth. Noa Inspect Reputation is one of our most valuable assets and a key element in service development. To this end, impartiality, independence and integrity are the cornerstones of our Code of Ethics. All of our values ​​are shared and signed by our staff, thus re-strengthening the unity and cohesion that helps us achieve our strategic goals of sustainable and profitable growth.

About Us

Carry out legal control of measuring instruments through verification of fuel and liquefied gas distributors of subjects through testing in accordance with technical metrological requirements, based on technical procedures approved in accordance with national and international standards and OIML recommendations, for achieve a high level of service provided and guarantee customer reliability. To improve to a higher level the operational results in all constituent parts of the society through the implementation of the ISO 17020: 2012 standard and to complete the continuity and to anticipate the submitted or implied forecasts of the Entities through daily actions.

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